It is finally happening!
After five and a half years of intensive planning, the time has finally come for us to fulfill our dream! In August we set sail with the intention of circumnavigating the globe. The departure will be from the small island of Røst, where we both grew up.
BLIZZARD: Being from Røst can be a good thing when it comes to being accustomed to bad weather. This picture was taken in the end of December 2005. Pacific ocean, here we come! Rune to the left, and Finn Olav to the right. (Photo: S/Y Underveis)
We are two childhood friends who intend to go on a journey around the world in the last half of August 2006. The boat is called S/Y Underveis, and is a steady and seaworthy Hero 101 from the mid-eighties. We bought her in August last year, and now there is no turning back. It is finally happening!

The history of our expedition is the history about a dream that became an idea, that became a plan, that became a project, that now has, literally, gained water under its keel. We plan to stay on the high seas for more than three years, till the end of 2009. On our way, we will make travel stories, take a lot of pictures, film and be active both in media and on our webpage, which we intend to update as often as possible.

During our trip we will have many relatives and friends visiting us from near and far. We look immensely forward to that. From Røst the trip will go via Bergen to Shetland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Cape Verde, Brazil, Argentina, the Falklands, the Antarctic and Chile, before we set our course into the mighty Pacific ocean sometime in late 2007. From that point we don’t know in detail where we will go. And that is exactly our intention. We have ambitions to stray off the beaten track a bit, to places where not so many tourists go. And we want our itinerary to shape itself as we go along.

We hope to come home with a luggage dull of memories and experiences from places we have visited, people we have met, and scenery we have seen. Both the sun, rain, gales and doldrums have their own beauty, their on poetry. We know that, since we grew up on the outskirts of Lofoten, where skies and ocean meet each other in mortal combat every day, summer and winter, in an everlasting struggle.

For the time being, we spend all our spare time and energy on upgrading the boat and organizing the thousands of things that need to be sorted out before we can leave. We want focus to be on safety and reliability on board. In addition we are actively working on getting good cooperating partners and sponsors. So far almost all the potential sponsors we have been in touch with have been very positive. That only adds to our determination for seeing this trip through!

Departure time is set to approximately 20th of August. For our travel plan, details on the boat, us and other things, just click your way through our website. It is still under construction, and we are most happy to receive hints and tips for improving it.

Rune and Finn Olav.

Rost 03.01.2006
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