DEEP ANGLES: Sailing means that wind and weather works the boat in an entirely different manner than when on a motorboat. Even in relatively calm weather, the angle on the ship can go as deep as 40-50 degrees, especially with the wind coming from the side.
The passage this time went all right, even though the weather conditions just off the Norwegian coast resembled the weather we had on our first attempt to cross the infamous North Sea. But after a few hours it calmed down, and we have only had a few bursts of gale winds, the remainder has been very favorable sailing winds. We have not encountered any particular technical problems this time, something we are very happy about. Our last attempt to cross the North Sea came out on the expensive side both in terms of money and hours laid down in repairs.
LERWICK: Underveis has arrived in the Shetlands, and is now safely berthed. The passage from Bergen went well, with some rough sequences in between.
We have reached Shetland
LONELY: It has become obvious to us that most people have concluded their boating seasons for this year. The usually very busy Small boat harbor is empty, except for us.
We intend to use Lerwick as a base for exploring the Shetlands for a few days, and already tomorrow we are renting a small car to go around photographing, filming and making stories for media in Norway and other places. As is usual, we have attracted a lot of attention, and many people come by our ship for a glance or a chat, something we find very charming indeed.
NICE TRIP: The North Sea was better humored this time, and with the exception of a few rough sequences, we had a very nice passage across. Waves were around 2 metres in average, and we had long periods with sunshine.
In addition, we stumbled onto the 19th Fiddle- and accordion festival in the Shetlands, and we have spent the weekend enjoying ourselves with lots and lots of good music and friendly people. There are many Norwegians here, and the locals are very friendly towards Norwegians.

During the days to come, we intend to make a more extensive article with pictures from our visit here, and post it on our web pages. As the weekend draws closer, Underveis will probably set sails and start her passage to Inverness in Scotland, a passage we expect to last just over two days and nights to accomplish.

Lerwick 14.10.2006
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