SCOTLAND: As October darkness envelops the Scottish highlands, the season for supernatural phenomena reaches its peak in the realm of Nessie the Loch Ness monster. Already 20 minutes after we entered Loch Ness, we caught the first glimpse of her.
Close encounter with "Nessie"

We had only been in Loch Ness for 20 minutes when we spotted the world famous monster. Considering the fact that some people have lived here their entire lives without seeing it, we must have been very lucky. One might almost think she was anticipating us. So there we were, unsuspectedly sailing into the Loch Ness and going about our business as usual. Finn Olav was at the helm. We were both on the lookout, and I had a photocamera whereas Finn Olav was manning the camcorder. Both our harpoon guns were also ready for action. Suddenly, we heard sounds of heavy breathing, as if an enormous bull was drawing its breath. We turned around, and low and behold! There, between us and the shore, we saw something silvery squirming rapidly and rythmically through the water. We took out our cameras and photographed and filmed what we saw. Nessie!

Unfortunately, the distance of 200 metres was far too great to make any use of our harpoon rifles. But Nessie swam for almost a minute in the surface before she saw us and disappeared for good. She was silver grey, 50-60 feet long and had a long, slim body with a narrow head and a split tongue that she used to lick herself around the mouth with. Nessie has rarely been photographed before, and the footage you see on this webpage is unique, also world wide! As Nessie slid back into the deep, dark water a hungry-for-meat Rune saw his lunch disappear. Finn Olav had to hold him back in order for him no to put on his scuba gear and jump into the water in eager pursuit of a tasty MacNessie burger.

CASTLE OF DEATH: Urqhart Castle is situated at the northern bank of Loch Ness, where the loch plunges to its greatest depths at around 750 feet. According to local experts, there is an underwater cave there, which digs in deep beneath the castle. The monster supposedly dwells inside the cave.
BEYOND FIRING RANGE: Nessie appeared after only 20 minutes, and we were able to observe her for almost a minute. The range was too great for our harpoon rifles, but we managed to film and photograph her. Notice the split tongue!
NIGHT OF THE DEAD: Halloween is the night of the dead, and in Scotland the tales of horror are many. Unfortunately, Underveis also had ungodly visitors, and we have never experienced a more sleepless night in our lives. God be merciful!
Unfortunately, this was not to be our only inexplicable experience during our stay in Scotland and the Caledonian canal. Scotland is rampant with ancient castle ruins, and the newspapers frequently bring stories of large, black beasts that roam the glen after dark and prey on sheep and cattle. On Halloween night on the 31st of October, the wraiths and corpse-eaters had come to the village where Underveis was berthed for the night. What a frightening experience that was! We heard scraping sounds from under the hull, as if water spirits were trying to get into our boat and devour us, and in the glen terrific death screams sounded all through the night. Bats by the thousands flew in the night, and strange cloud- and weather phenomena appeared in the skies. We couldn’t sleep for a minute that night, that’s for sure.
ROSE FROM THEIR GRAVES The dead rose again, and terrible weather- and light phenomena appeared in the heavens above us. Luckily, they only lasted until sunrise, and our faces have now regained their natural color.
Loch Ness 01.11.2006
GHOSTS AND WRAITHS: We saw strange sights in the glen, and even though several of the wraiths look strangely familiar, we were convinced that our last hour had come. Check out the pictures and judge for yourself!
YUMMI: We went trekking in the glen to do some photography, and came across this magnificent mushroom. We simply had to taste it. We shouldn’t have! What happened next is hard to describe.
In addition, things have started disappearing on board our ship, only to reappear later in an entirely different place than we first left them. We have also heard strange noises onboard, and food disappears without a trace. Quite frankly, we have a strange feeling that we are no longer alone on board.

We hereby wish our readers a horrible Halloween and terrifying dark autumn nights! Argh!

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