New Years lunch onboard
NEW YEARS LUNCH: The lunch was indeed tasty, and the company very nice. The built-in heater saw to the heating below deck, and we saw to the food.
On the 1st of January we invited our parents to lunch onboard S/Y Underveis. The intention was to show her off, enjoy each others company, and to get better acquainted to her. Get used to where everything is, find our way around the galley and basically see how she functions. We were safely docked, but had all the lanterns lit and kerosene lamps hanging in the cockpit and from the targa, just as to cling on to the Christmas that was fading away. On the menu was stew, bread and Finn Olavs heavenly salad, with kiwi and all sorts of delicious ingredients. We have inherited an old Christmas tree from a long since diseased uncle, that will be our tree during the journey.

It is a strange thing to think about, the fact that we will be celebrating our next Christmas in Brazil. We have already been contacted by a couple of friends of us, who want to come and visit us! That will be a different Christmas. And since we have always been very kind-hearted, Santa Claus paid us a visit. Rune was unfortunately outside then, so he missed the big visit. But that?s life. Better luck next year! The boat was well docked, and the weather gods were in a good mood. It was a cold, quiet afternoon, and the star spangled polar night soon overcame the thin stream of light in the southwest of the horizon. So there we sat together, just enjoying the food and the new year, that will be so exciting and different. We wish everybody out there a happy, peaceful New Year from us on board S/Y Underveis!

Rost 07.01.2006
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