For Finni, finding work to do this Easter, will not pose any problem. With the last shipment from Maritim AS just arrived, there is more than enough work to be done. Of the projects that are now being concluded, putting in place pressurized water is the most complicated. And two smaller water storage tanks are being replaced by one big one. This gives us a few more gallons of water storage. In addition, we are putting in place a small water heater. In order to do this, we have to reconstruct the exhaust system a little bit. An electrical water pump and accumulator tank must also find their place on board. When all this work is finished, we will have hot water in the tap in the galley, and there will be a fresh water shower in the cockpit, also with hot water. We also have to camping type showers onboard. And Finni has the parts required to making a saltwater hose for use on the deck. Good to have if you need to clean something, and don’t want to waste precious fresh water.

Work on the electrical system is also nearing a conclusion. Solar panel and windmill are now supplying the batteries. Cables for the radar have been stretched, but not yet connected. The lanterns are also being reorganized. The side lanterns are going from the bough to the targa. Through doing this, we hope to make them more visible in rough seas. In the bough we intend to install a white lantern instead, to function as an iceberg lantern. The battery capacity is also being increased, from 2 to 3 or 4 batteries. In order to get everything in place, and with the standard we require, we will use professionals to help us with the final finish on the electrical system.

Rost 12.04.2006
Christmas lasts until Easter
At least on board the S/Y Underveis. But now the Christmas tree must give way for Easter chickens and Easter tablecloths. The next time we put up the Christmas tree, we will most likely find ourselves somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.
A feeling of Christmas was inevitable when we received the package from Maritim AS. At least it seems like Christmas when we look through our empty wallets. But it is soon compensated when we consider the discounts being offered when we buy in bulk.
Cute and tiny: By under-sizing the freshwater pump, we hope to minimize the use of fresh water.
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