It is us who are on board at any given time who will be doing the actual filiming, and then Yesbox productions will do the cutting, editing and film music, and they will be rendering us advice and giving feedback as we go along. The intention is to sell the documentary to TV-channels in Norway and maybe other countries after our circumnavigation is finished by the end of 2009. - We picture a series of 6 episodes for every year. This is of course dependent on what happens during a year, but I should think that there will be plenty of interesting incidents. Moreover, it could be interesting for us to compile a documentary film gathering all three years into one, and make it some sort of a summary. In this film you could bring in film clips not previously shown on TV, says Aleksander Nordaas in Yesbox productions to
S/Y Underveis to become documentary film!
Røst 27.04.2006
The TV-production company Yesbox productions in Bergen has decided to make a documentary film series from the circumnavigation by S/Y Underveis.
Both Rune and Finn Olav have some experience in the field of photography, Finn Olav also in the field of filming and editing, and we are incredibly happy to have closed this deal. The theme for the documentary will be the experiences we encounter on our way around the globe, the pleasures, the toil, great scenery, unique wildlife, exotic places. But also the dangers and difficulties we may encounter, pirates, extremely bad weather, giant waves, sorrows and disappointments. But also the fact that we are a couple of childhood friends who have dreamt about, and gone through with this project from A to Z, will be prevalent.
Yesbox productions in Bergen have decided to make a documentary film about S/Y Underveis änd their journey around the world 2006 – 2009.
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