Baptism of fire for ”S/Y Underveis”
RØST: On Mid-summers Eve, no less, S/Y Underveis received her baptism of fire at Kårøya. Almost 50 spectators had shown up for the occasion. Spewing flames and airborne Azeri champagne were parts of the show as godmother Solveig Seines baptized former S/Y Splitter Pine to her new and committing name S/Y Underveis.
FIRE BALLS: From the left: John-Tonny Johnsen, Martin Jensen and Finn Olav Olsen bursting balls of fire several meters into the air during the baptism, at great applause from the around 50 spectators.
- I hereby name you S/Y Underveis. May good luck and fortune accompany you on your voyage across the seven seas, and may the sun shine upon your decks proclaimed godmother Solveig Seines before she unleashed the champagne bottle onto the bough, where it disintegrated at great applause from the audience.
IN A THOUSAND PIECES: The airborne Azeri champagne bottle went to a thousand pieces when godmother Solveig Seines sent it crashing into the bough of S/Y Underveis.
Finn Olav had invited John-Tonny Johnsen and Martin Jensen, two boys from his local childrens circus, “Circus Ut-Røst” to show off their flame throwing act on the occasion. Despite rainy weather and dark grey skies, the show went on as planned, and the flames rose several meters into the sky.

-Now our ship has been formally named “Underveis”, Finn Olav said happily, after the flames were put out and the champagne bottle broken into smithereens.

- The departure date for “Underveis” is planned for Sunday 20th of August, if the weather gods allow us. There is still some work left to be done onboard the ship, in addition to some paperwork, and we are working everyday to finish on time. But we are in control, and feel that we are on top of things, Finni says.

Røst 28.06.2006
After the baptism, a traditional Mid-Summer Eves fire was lit, and whale meat was put on the barbeque, with coffee and cakes for dessert.
OLD CIRKUS HORSE: Circus director ”Finni” displayed tricks and juggled burning sticks in the grey and rainy weather.
FRESH WHALE MEAT: Tor Martin Olsen (in the middle) prepared delicious whale meat for the party that was celebrating Mid-Summers Eve and the baptism at Kårøya Rorbucamping.
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