RØST: This Sunday, at 18 o`clock sharp, the S/Y Underveis will start her journey around the planet. Six years of dreaming and planning are at an end, and we are now shifting our focus to the challenges we will meet crossing the Seven seas.
DEPARTURE: The time has come, and on Sunday S/Y Undeveis will set her sails and course for the unknown. First stop will be the island of Smøla. (Photo: Jan Erik Wessel)
We have, in all modesty, compiled a short and informal program for this Sunday, and we hope that as many as possible will show up to bid us farewell and good luck:
When you have planned something for so long as we have now, you start thinking extra hard as departure draws nearer. Are we well enough prepared? Are there things we haven’t thought about? We have pondered these questions many times. And the answer we get is yes. As far as we can see, we have prepared for all situations that we may encounter. The boat has been refitted and upgraded into a real ocean traveler, and we are mentally prepared. A dream is in the process of coming true.
Røst 17.08.2006
Since we posted our website on the 3rd of January this year, we have had a lot of visitors. Around 42,000 unique user addresses have opened more than 223,000 of our pages. Many of these people have sent us mails with invitations, tips and wishes for luck. A response we could hardly have imagined! We hope that you all will still follow us on our trip around the world.

With sailors salute

Finni og Rune

READY: - We have pondered a lot in the last few weeks, and we feel mentally and practically prepared for the seven seas now, say from the left Finn Olav and Rune.
Departure on Sunday 20th of August!
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