BERGEN: On the 20th of August we finally started on our sailing trip, a trip we have dreamt about for six years, and that shall eventually take us around the globe. A voyage planned for more than 50,000 miles across six oceans and seven continents is now coming true.
S/Y Underveis finally on her way!
LAST SIGHT OF LAND: The weather was perfect on the day of our outward passage, and last sight of land was majestic Skomvaer lighthouse. If everything goes according to plan, it will take more than three years before S/Y Underveis enters into these waters again.
Sunday the 20th of August was just as beautiful and windy as we had hoped for in all the years we have dreamt, fantasized and planned our great project. A blue sky, a steady breeze from the north, evening sun and calm seas made for a perfect setting on our outward passage.

For the two of us, this Sunday really began the night before, because we had an awful lot left to do packing the boat, and we didnt go to sleep until 4 o`clock that night. At 11 am we went to service in the local parish church, where we read the bible text of the day. Rino and Kulwant at Fiskarheimen had cut their vacation short so that they could come home and say good bye to us, and cook the farewell dinner for around 30 relatives and friends of us. The food was delicious, and dessert even better! At 18 o`clock we said good bye and around 60 people had shown up at Jentoft quay on foot or in boats. Some even brought Norwegian flags!

We were given dried codfish by a couple of the local fish factories, and Rino Jassal sent with us a huge chocolate cake. We actually had cake breakfasts all the way down to Smøla three days later! It was very nice to see that so many people had chosen to see us off in their boats, and my father counted 15 vessels in the convoy, of all shapes and sizes. The last boats in the convoy didn’t turn back until we had passed Skomvaer lighthouse. The winds were very favorable, and we could sail all the way from the quay. It was a very strange feeling to cross out from Skomvaer and see the last boats turn around behind us. It was both sad and exciting. Now it was only us and the ocean!

We sailed along with great courage, and set a course far out from the coast, so that we could sail as directly to the island of Smola as possible. During the night we hooked up with a northly gale that lasted almost until we reached Smola, and that let us cover the distance in only about 60 hours. It was an exhilarating leg with a lot of seas and motion. A sailing boat moves a lot, and we were down to 45 degree angles on many occasions.

FAREWELL CONVOY: 15 boats of all shapes and sizes bid us farewell. It was a very pleasant farewell ceremony for us.
Bergen 07.09.2006
CAKE BREAKFAST: Rino Jassal presented us with an enormous chocolate cake upon our departure. We hade chocolate cake breakfasts for three days, all the way from Røst to Smøla!
We stayed on Smola for two days. We then sailed on to Nordfjordeid and Bergen, where we are currently preparing to cross the North Sea over to the UK. We have been slightly delayed due to bureaucracy and some adjustments we have had to make to our equipment. But we are optimistic and have attracted a lot of attention as we have gone along. Bystanders photograph us and ask about our ship and destination. And newspapers, radio and TV frequently visit us to talk to the two lads in the sailing sloop with a huge bundle of dried stockfish piled on the foredeck!
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