LONG TIME NO SEE: It has been quite a few years since we last met Marilyn, and it was incredibly nice to see her again!
We had had very favorable winds all the way from Rost, with a gale pushing us southward pretty much all the way to Smola. But as we spotted Smola in the horizon, the wind died out. We started drifting for ours, and the the fog came. We started up our trusty engine and went the last few miles into Veiholmen harbor. Our friends Anton, Odd Arne and Marilyn came out in their fishing vessel and guided us in, something we are very grateful for indeed. The harbor inlet at Veiholmen is VERY narrow!

Well ashore we were served bacalao and cold beer. The ground was swaying beneath us after three days and nights of gale on the high seas, so we went to bed early that night, and slept until midday the following day.

VEIHOLMEN: After three days at sea from Rost, we finally saw the characteristic windmills at Smola rising in the horizon.
Pitstop at Smola
Bergen 08.09.2006
Marilyn used to be Runes daycare mother when he was a child and she was still living on Rost, in the same neighborhood as him and Finn Olav. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years, and it was very nice to be a guest at Veiholmen. It is a very beautiful place along the coast of Norway, a good harbor and friendly people. We also went to the grave yard to visit the grave of Yngve, Marilyns son and our common childhood friend. He died in a tragic car accident one and a half year ago. We hadn’t visited his grave before now, and it felt very good to be able to go there and say a final good bye. The graveyard is situated near the ocean that Yngve loved so much, with a view to the sky and the horizon in several directions.

After two days of relaxing and organizing things onboard, the time had come to move on. With freshly baked bread, whale meat and fish filets in our cargo, we were very optimistic regarding our trip towards Nordfjordeid. It was sunny and nice, but unfortunately the wind failed us, so we had to tag along southwards making only 3,5 knots.

GOOD HARBOR: The harbor inlet at Veiholmen is narrow, but very comfortable. We were guided in and served delicious bacalao on the evening of our arrival. After three days and night at sea, it tasted fantastic!
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