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We need to install a windlass, refitting the rig and a new forestay, clean, tidy and fix a bit, and then we will be ready again. We are also freelancing a lot, writing interviews and photographing Norwegians and locals down here, so we are making a penny or two as well. We have seen and experienced many interesting things, which we will be presenting to our readers in our next article from here, to be posted shortly.
CHAGUARAMAS: Underveis is finally back on the water again, after having been treated with anti fouling, had her saildrive overhauled and beeing scrubbed and cleaned. We will soon be ready to go again.
IN THE CRIB: Here Underveis is hanging in the crib, waiting to go back to where she belongs. Are all fittings tight? Have we attached the propeller properly?
In the last two weeks, we have gone through a long list of need-to-do`s, and we have fitted some new equipment. In addition, we have found a wasp nest attached to the wires from our stern lantern, a very strong hint that it is time to move on for us, and get back to the high seas. The nest is big as an orange, and they don’t bother us at all. We drink beer and relax in the cockpit, play loud music without them getting aggressive at all. But when two local friends of ours dropped by the other day, they were close to losing their facial colour, upon the sighting of the wasps nest.
- These wasps are lethal. One sting, and you die, they hollered at us.
Finn Olav and myself looked at each other. Hmmm. For now, we have decided to just set sails, and then the wasps will either starve to death or have to learn how to swim.
LIKE A FISH ON LAND: Underveis on the hard at Power Boats Marina in Chaguaramas. We have been receiving excellent service here, and give them our sincerest recommendations.
Underveis back on the water
IN THE DOCK: We are relatively comfortable here, but when the next hurricane thunders by, we will probably have to seek shelter in a nearby bay called Scotland bay. Here, the dock is approximately half a meter above sea level, and the swell can grow to three meters in severe weather conditions…
Chaguramas Bay, Trinidad, 11.09.2007
Any day now we will be reaching 250,000 visitors on our webpages, which we think is absolutely incredible. Around 30 percent of our visitors come from servers abroad, so even though it is much work to translate to English all the time, we are happy that we spend that time translating. We hereby wish all of our readers a great autumn, and keep reading!
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