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Over the last weeks we have packet, sawed, sweated, hammered, cleaned and organized things in order to be ready for our great journey. Hundreds of kilos of provisions and equipment have been loaded and stowed below decks. Three quarters of a ton of diesel and drinking water have been tanked. Underveis is heavily laden.

Two men, 2,800 nautical miles across the high seas in a 34-foot sailing yacht. We have thought a lot about this journey, as we have also dreamt about it for many years. We feel prepared. Solid, trustworthy and faithful Underveis is more seaworthy, better equipped and in a better condition than she was, even when she first tasted the salty water beneath her keel, more than 20 years ago. We have learned a lot, and sailed many thousands of miles since we waved Skomvaer lighthouse and our dear homestead Rost goodbye almost 8 months ago. Sometimes it feels like ages have passed already. Time files, and the toils and tribulations have been many. But so have the pleasures and nature experiences.

LAS PALMAS: As you read this, S/Y Underveis has set her sails and started her passage across the Atlantic. A world ocean is to be traversed, and a new continent explored. New cultures are to be discovered, and new ties of friendship to be tied.
TOWARDS NEW HORIZONS: The exit from the port in Las Palmas seen ffrom the top of our mast. Beneath the horizon out there, awaits a new continent, and the promise of yet new adventures and experiences.
FULLY LADEN: We have taken onboard hundreds of kilos of provisions, and three quarters of a ton of diesel and fresh water. Here from the foredeck before we started stowing below decks.
As we now leave Africa and the Old world on our outward passage, it is impossible for us no to think about those who have made this journey in the past. Especially the very first ones. Leiv Eriksson, Columbus, Cortez. They had no GPS, satellite phones, Navfax nor life rafts. But they sailed together, several large ships in fleets, and they had hundreds of men with them as crews, and they were every bit as adventurous as we are. We have shared a magnificent meal, as is customary for two ocean navigators. And we have both had very long last showers, knowing that it may be a month until the next time we can shower in fresh water, and shower for as long as we want.
EXPECTATIONS: We have dreamt about and planned this voyage for a long time. Now it is happening, and we look forward to the challenges and the grand natural experiences. And on the far side of the ocean await new adventures, new memories and experiences.
Towards the new world
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, 12.04.2007
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We are full of expectations for our journey across, but also for what meets us on the other side. We set our course for the island of Trinidad in the Lesser Antilles, Caribbean. We think we will be able to cover the distance in some 22 days and nights, meaning that we will reach Trinidad on the 4th of 5th of May. There will not be any updates on our website during our passage, and we are unable to reply to email. But we can receive text messages and phone calls via our satellite phone. And we will be most excited for all greetings, so we hope as many as possible will send us a few words. Please remember to write down your name and email address, so we can reply when we reach the far shores of our journey.

You can send us text messages free of charge by clicking onto and follow the instructions. Our satellite phone has the number + 881631425148.

But for now, for now it is only us and the great ocean.

Rune og Finn Olav

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