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CHAGUARAMAS BAY, TRINIDAD: After 28 days at sea, Underveis has arrived in Trinidad in the Caribbean. Even though we had periods with little wind, the voyage went according to plan.
Underveis has arrived in Trinidad
The passage went almost perfect, and except for a couple of deep sea gales, the weather was splendid. A couple of days after we left Las Palmas, the halyard holding the gennaker went heyday, and this meant we couldn’t sail as quickly as we had planned. And we had to sail further south in order to find strong trade winds, and this is the explanation as to why the crossing took us longer than we had anticipated. But that makes no difference at all. We have sun-bathed, slept, eaten flying fish and read books. For the first time since our outward passage from Røst we have really had a taste of what a circumnavigation can offer us, regarding sun and tropical temperatures.
IN NEW WOLRDS: Underveis is in new worlds, and she never looked more stunningly beautiful than she did at the anchorage in Chaguaramas bay in Trinidad upon our arrival. A safe and seaworthy ship, that we grow more fond of every day.
In addition, we have received incredibly many sms and mail from readers all over the world, both at sea and afterwards. This is very nice for us, and we hope that you will keep it up also in the future. A pleasant sms on the satellite phone can really lift a monotonous day up to great heights! As we arrived in Trinidad we went straight ashore, and strolled straight into the nearest restaurant we could find. There we ordered appetizers, two main courses and two desserts each, as well as half a gallon of Coca-Cola for the both of us. Boy, did those fresh vegetables taste good!
THERE AT LAST: Underveis is in new worlds, and we are enjoying ourselves with mangrove forests, tropical temperatures and tall drinks. We have earned this after all our toil last autumn!
SUN HUNGRY: We were hungry for some sun after many months of toiling down the wintery coasts of Europe, and now we have finally reached the tropics. Time to fry some bacon!
Chaguramas Bay, Trinidad, 29.06.2007
We apologize for not having posted any articles since we left Las Palmas, things have been kind of crazy here lately. Underveis is now hauled onto Power Boats marina and we are going to pain, fix and mend a few things before we set sails again in the beginning of September. Whereto, into the Pacific via the Panama canal, or around Cape Horn, is also something we have to decide.

A more extensive picture essay on our passage from Las Palmas to Trinidad will be posted here in the next 2-3 days.

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