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Another milestone was reached for the Underveis as we crossed the Equator at around 02.30 a.m. local time on Tuesday the 26th of February. The passage from Panama has been relatively calm with little wind and some so-called squalls, local rainstorms, and strong head currents and favorable currents alternating.
PUERTO AYORA: We have crossed the Equator and the 90th longitude, and are currently at anchor in the island of St. Cruz in the Galàpagos archipelago. Here, the iguanas are crawling in the streets, and even the insects are completely tame.
SQUALL: The squalls in the doldrums are very strong, and this one really made us worried. But, as always, one minute they are there, and gone the next. Buckle up!
We have crossed the Equator
Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, 27.02.2008
We are currently in the town of Puerto Ayora, with its 17,000 inhabitants it is the largest town in the Galàpagos. We have fixed a couple of things on the ship, and are now loading fuel, water and provisions for the passage to Easter island.
EQUATOR: We crossed the Equator just off the coast of the Galapagos archipelago. Easter island next!
In Easter island we are scheduled to meet Runes parents, who are coming there to celebrate Easter holidays and have a real family reunion. A spectacular place for a family reunion, some might say. And Rune is looking forward to seeing his mum and dad again like it was Christmas time. But first we are going to enjoy a few lazy days in the Galàpagos, with photography, snorkeling, journalism and some serious hanging about.
SENIOR FIXIT: Finn Olav is the onboard mechanical genius, and what he cant fix, is not possible to break in the first place. Here a permanent, intermediary repair of the generator, that detached from the engine block, so we couldnt charge.
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